Monday, April 23, 2012

What I was made to do… What happened to me…

Lord Starkiller replies quietly,

“I feel nothing…”

Then he coldly watches the holodroid revert and then he continues,

“Hate…For his weaknesses. Disgust…For his failings…And pride for rising above them…”

My brolin returns to the Kamino, as a Jidai asilas

The time never came! I waited in the spire! My master was never in harms way and I did not feel the need to intervene. Through whispers I thought my master should have never been caught by the weak.

One whisper became louder and said, “The Dark Side of the Force culls the weak.”

The Dark Side of the Force compelled me to stay and said greater things were in store for me.

No, I did not give my master a pass, the Dark Side flowed through me said his destiny was different.

If he was too weak to allowed himself to be caught by the Jedi, then he is not truly a Sith.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

If I were to take on an apprentice, what I would need to know:

If I were to take on an apprentice I would return to the Sith Holocrons and ask:

I demand to know what you regard as your greatest strength, so that I know best to undermine you…

I would want to know your greatest fear, so that I would know which to force you to face…

I would want to know what you cherish the most, so that I could take that from you…

I would want to know the things that you craved, so that I could deny them to you…

~Darth Plagueis’ writ modified by Sith Xopisa Kas Galen’tza Marek aka Lord Starkiller

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rising Force Rebellious Seed - Sith APEX

Excerpt from RFRS: Sith Apex chapter Renewed Dark Side of the Force

Already Master Shaper Mezhan Kwaad reached his sensory nerve bundle with the provoker spineray.

Starkiller was unable to mask the pain involuntarily growls unable to move his mouth.

Evaluating him she states, “Those who captured you say you are able to manipulate surroundings like a JEEDAI.  I require that you do that again.”

Starkiller grits his teeth, “I assure you, I am much more powerful than any Jidai!”

Her maa’its eyes shimmered faintly, but her expression and tone was plaintive, because she truly knew no humor, “Because if you do not I will kill you and I acquire a new subject.”

((Image courtesy of BBB. uk))